Flight 001 - Top 5 From 2009

December 9, 2009

Flight 001
  5. Heys Luggage   Heys Xcase
There are thousands of ways to say "hey,” but few quite as bold and inviting as Heys luggage. The Xcase won our vote for being light in our hands and even lighter on our pocketbooks while packing a ton of personality in its 20" body.

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  4. Paper Soap   PAPER SOAP
Need a gift for a man on the move or a girl on the go? Paper soaps are the ultimate solution for the space-conscious traveler who is obsessed with staying fresh.

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  3. Cris Notti Sleep Masks   CRIS NOTTI
It's safe to say the Cris Notti sleep masks are easy on the eyes! The silky masks come in an assortment of eye-popping patterns that will keep you looking your best even when you're grabbing some shut-eye.

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  2. Go Toobs   GO TOOBS
Number two on our list are the civilized, smart, squeezable tubes for traveling, outdoors and more. Ditch your boring bottles—there's finally a new development in the toiletry bag that's sure to stick.

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  1. Grid It   GRID IT
Gadget geeks travel savvy with Grid It! This new snappy system tops our list for 2009 by making travel organization simple and smart. Get someone organized this holiday!

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